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More Marmite Than Magnolia

By 8 March, 2021August 17th, 2022No Comments

Often while chatting to people, giving presentations or delivering workshops I refer to myself as More Marmite Than Magnolia. It took me nearly three decades of being in business, one divorce and more than half a century of life to understand that not everyone you meet, do business with, or are even related to, will like you and that is just fine.

Mantra to prevent a meltdown

Far too much personal energy is spent trying to please people, especially if you are someone who cares. Before you find yourself heading for a mini meltdown because of this consider the four points below:

  1. It is ok being you as long as you are ok! If being disliked or different is affecting your mental health please reach out and talk to someone or get in touch with us –
  2. Are you authentic and real in all you do and say? Yes, good, fake is a flawed concept.
  3. They don’t like you? Fine, less is more when it comes to genuine connections (see point 2 for why)
  4. You may be different but are you kind? Just because someone is different does not mean you have to be unkind to them. Accept who they are, what they believe in, how they look and move on – #BeKind

Make the above your mantra and you will spend far less time worrying about how you look, speak, feel about something and far more time enjoying what you want to do, read, write about – the list is endless and should be your choice.

Having a specific opinion, a certain way you do business or a belief you speak out about is acceptable, it is not a problem being more marmite than magnolia. As the Marmite Breakfast poster hanging in my office states, the brand has been dividing the nation since 1902. In fact, the contents of the little jars with yellow lids have actually built a reputation for themselves doing so. From a marketing point of view what a business result that is!

For the record I am in the ‘Love Marmite’ camp; my husband, sons and number 1 granddaughter hate the stuff.

It would appear granddaughter number 2 has great taste in toast spread however. The haters can’t understand what the lovers love and the lovers can’t understand what the haters hate but that is their opinion and they are entitled to it. Move on and do not spend too much time reflecting on it or worrying about it.

Accepting you are not everyone’s taste

When you start up, build and keep going in business being more marmite than magnolia is important. It helps you stand out from the crowd, gets people talking and often creates your unique selling point; think small jar, yellow lid.

I have discovered a fabulous children’s book ‘It’s Okay To Be Different’ by Todd Parr. The book description reads – ‘It’s okay to be a different colour. It’s okay to dance by yourself. It’s okay to wear glasses. It’s okay to have a pet worm….It’s okay to be different’. I am ordering this for my granddaughters today because the earlier in life we understand it is ok to be different, to be more marmite than magnolia (see also vanilla, beige, bland) the better it will be.