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Jo Moseley – 5 Top Tips To Help You Become A Midlife Adventurer

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Jo Moseley, 56 and Mum of two sons, aged 24 & 20, lives on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. She describes herself as a beach cleaner, joy encourager & midlife adventurer.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Coast to Coast

In August 2019, Jo became the first woman to SUP, stand up paddleboard for those not in the know, coast to coast 162 miles along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and Aire and Calder Navigation. Along the way Jo picked up litter, was fundraising and raised awareness of the problems of single use plastic.

A documentary film about her adventure has just been released to a great reception and 4 sell-out online screenings. It’s called Brave Enough – A Journey Home To Joy, find the trailer here.

Finding Joy

Jo loves writing, speaking about adventure and wellbeing and making tiny films about the joy of being outdoors and the benefits it brings to your mental health, something she learned after losing her Mum and a difficult menopause. Her films Finding Joy and Found at Sea have both won awards.

On Christmas Eve 2020, Jo launched her wonderfully received podcast called The Joy of SUP – The Paddleboard Sunshine Podcast .Sticking with the joy theme Jo also shares a monthly newsletter called Postcards of Joy – stories to lift the soul, you can sign up for it at the bottom of the writing page on Jo’s website 

Tips To Becoming A Midlife Adventurer

Jo shares the following advice that she says is not exclusively for those in midlife, it could help you become an adventurer how ever young or old you are:

  1. Put yourself on the priority list. Believe you are worth it because you are.
  2. Know your why – it could be fundraising, highlighting an issue, working for the community or it could be you. You can be your own why! Your joy, your dream, it’s totally ok to have an adventure for your heart and soul. Your why will pull you through the tough times, always remember that.
  3. Visualisation, affirmations, self talk, power ballads – dream your dream and step into it.
  4. Be brave enough to start and take the first wobbly, unsure step. Unleash your inner beginner then be brave enough to take the next step. And the next. Small steps lead to big adventures.
  5. You don’t have to do it alone, work with cheerleaders, a community, online or in real life. Find a few people who will help you in a physical capacity or just generally believe in you. Remember together we are stronger and rise by lifting others.