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An exclusive online membership space focusing on the wellbeing of a micro business owner and their business.

The Micro Business Mentor Club is a monthly subscription membership that gives micro business owners access to online small group peer mentoring with no more than 10 people per session. In addition members can join interactive workshops and receive profile promotion across social media. They also have the opportunity to engage in one to one and one to many information seeking and sharing with other members in an online community space.

With no more than 250 members at any time, The Micro Business Mentor Club is the ideal space for business owners who employ between 0 and 9 and want to focus on ensuring their wellbeing and the wellbeing of they business is as good as it can be.

Founded by Tina Boden, one of the UK’s leading voices for micro business and an experienced Mentor, the aim of The Micro Business Mentor Club is to offer affordable and accessible mentoring and business support delivered by people that have ‘been there and done it’. Facilitators of mentoring and workshop sessions have an empathy and understanding of how personal wellbeing can impact business wellbeing and vice versa because of their own experiences.